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ERP Implementations

The two biggest challenges facing all companies looking to implement new, complex software technology to run their businesses is how to know which system will best serve their needs and how do they get the most out of that investment.  

We help companies make the right purchase decision when it comes to their ERP systems and getting the most out of those systems once they are in place.

The Go Live approach to any implementation begins with the needs assessments of your agency. We meet with all departments to ensure you end up with stakeholder buy-in. With this information, a highly detailed RFP is created and vendor demo scripts are written. This ensures you compare apples to apples and each vendor demonstrates the specific functionality you require.  

After contracts are signed and implementation begins, we work with your agency and the vendor to make sure your system is deployed without any delays or cost overruns.  Once you your project is live, we work with your agency to provide post-deployment system analysis and application services, such as database analysis, custom report writing and additional staff training.